4 real reasons why you will develop your people and make the most of your team

#1 All teams has a more valuable 'better'

And teams only get to 'better' if you go there on purpose.

#2 People prefer leaders who makes them grow

90% would prefer to work at a company that actively focus on developing teams and collaboration. (Own survey)

would prefer that their direct manager would develop the team. Instead of consultants and HR. (Own survey)

wish that their leader would do more to develop the team and good collaboration

 #3 People Leaders who makes their people grow, grows...


*Liz Wiseman, Multipliers




*Own customer surveys

 everything worth growing.

#4 Developing great teams should be easy 

We know, that you probably think that it is expensive, difficult, time-consuming, short of real results and, maybe even dull.

We got you on this ....

Classic team development

  • Expensive and time consuming
  • Questionable long term value
  • Quickly forgotten "one off"
  • The trainer/consultant gets all the attention
  • Skills are borrowed from the trainer
  • ... 0% plug and play

Developing your team with Gurubeam

  • 1:10 cost - time and budget 
  • High lasting value from the get go
  • Repeatable and continuous improvement
  • The team gets all the attention
  • Skills are given to the leader and the team
  • ... 100% plug and play

Ready to get going?