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+ 7%

Psychological Safety 


Social Cohesion in the team


Team Collaboration


Engagement rate


Team Effectiveness


CSAT score

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Gurubeam users have a very high completion and succes rate.
And both teams and leaders are very satisfied.

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Team satisfaction

Leader satisfaction

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Approved Gurubeam users
It really boosts me as a leader. It gives me confidence. And it's just so easy for me as a leader. The team has definitely become stronger in the process and I can see that they are growing individually. I think Gurubeam is nothing short of a brilliant way to develop my team.
Lene Bach Randers
Customer Service and Project Manager, Mekoprint, Denmark
15 years as a leader
The team is so engaged in the sessions. I thought we knew each other, but my team is so much closer now. And it is so easy for me as a leader. I just put it in the calendar, because it truly is plug and play.

Jim Foster
Business District Manager,
Novo Nordisk, USA
25 years as a leader
My team is so happy with the beams. We've had such important conversations about how we want to be a team. They have become committed to being a good team... to be the best!I thrive running the beams. It's brilliant. It's just so easy.

Connie Westphalen
Support manager, Danish Business Authority, Denmark
4 years as a leader
I can be part of the team process and get as much out of it as the rest of the team. It's great that it's so easy as a manager to create a process for the team that just works ad leaves the team uplifted.
Thomas Arvidsson
Team Lead - Sales & Service, stigefabrikken.dk, Denmark
19 years as a leader
It's a great experience for my leadership team to focus on working better together and becoming even more of a team... Gurubeam easily and intuitively provides a great framework for exactly that conversation.
Denise Neumann
Director, ALK Abelló, Denmark
10 years as a leader
I was really sceptic about ‘another digital product’! … But truth is, Gurubeam is a main reason why my team's engagement went up 20%. The team really enjoys the beams. The approach creates a relaxed and safe environment.
Elham Rafizadeh
PAPA director, Novo Nordisk, Iran
9 years as a leader
This approach creates a high-trust setting where the team and leader develop together. I really like that it’s so easy for me. And that I, as a leader, can be part it. Andit’s just us, the team, no one else to ‘disturb’ the room.

Chris Arnrød Andersen
Head of New Products Man. Proc., Novo Nordisk, Denmark
10 years as a leader
We never went off on tangents because there is no manager or consultant to derail it. After the first beam, the team really wanted to run through all the beams. They have tried all kinds of consultants, they are not easy to impress. But they think it was so good.
Anni Jensen
District Manager, Viborg Municipality, Denmark, 30 years as a leader
From the very first session, we've been able to think much more long-term as a team. It's genius when you can take something as difficult as building a high-performance team and make it as easy as this.

Morten Kragh
FAM & HSSE Manager, Bestseller, Denmark.10 years as a leader
"When leading a global team you need people to be on the same page. Gurubeams High Performance Team process really helps us get on the same page and efficiently develop the team based on solid frameworks." 
Maxence Dreuille
VP Global Supply Chain, France
20 years as a leader
We have been using Gurubeam for a year and have achieved really good results and, not least, better well-being. Many of our employees often work remotely or from home. Gurubeam has helped us to become more committed to each other and at the same time strengthened the social community and cohesion across departments and teams. Thank you!
Peter Christiansen
Co-Owner, Stigefabrikken.dk, Denmark. 10 years as a leader
"I really like the format with short Beams in compact blocks. It’s so easy to use. The team really chipped in and they have had quite some aha moments. They quickly began to talk about looking forward to the next beams. I’ve used the tool in an international team with 8 nationalities and I can warmly recommend Gurubeam to my colleagues."
 Emelie Ahlström
People Business Partner, Catawiki, Holland
One of the best things about Gurubeam is that I can easily be both Beammaster and participant at the same time. In other words, I can be part of the team process and get as much out of it as my team. And it's great that it's so easy as a leader to create a process for the team that just works.
Thomas Sonne Arvidson
Teamlead, sales and service
Stigefabrikken.dk, Denmark
19 years as a leader
Gurubeam creates good conversations in teams that lead to a greater understanding of each other's starting points and thus dynamism and openness in further work.
As a department manager, Gurubeam is quick and easy to use and allows me to step back and engage freely in the conversations.
Trine Storgaard
Head of department, Sønderland Public School, Denmark
5 years as a leader
As a finance department in an international company, it's important for us to have a good and interacting team. The team is split between Denmark and the UK and we have been very successful in running remote and hybrid sessions. In fact, we have run a beam where we have been 2 in the office in Denmark, 2 remote and 8 in the office in the UK and we have managed to get a really good process (good beam) out of it. 
Regitze Shubert
Finance and HR Officer, Titan Containers, Denmark/UK


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