High-performance Team

5 important questions every leader should ask themselves

Does my team have the quality of relationships that enables us to achieve the most together?

Does my team have the team spirit and cohesion
that makes us uplift together and uplift each other?

Are we able to have the dialogues and discussions required to create the best solutions?

Are we strong enough in our common purpose and goals, that driving us forward as a unified unit?

Do we bring out the best in each other and in the team,
or is there more energy, engagement and job satisfaction to be gained?
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If you recognized even one of these questions, then read on.

  Online team development program

Create a high-performing team
with strong relationships

All teams have a level of top performance they can reach, but few utilize their full potential. Therefore, we have developed a plug-and-play online program consisting of short video sessions and engaging team exercises. Through focused conversations, you will build a secure team culture, where you will learn to mutually benefit from each other's perspectives, have honest discussions, and arrive at more well-thought-out conclusions.

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Plug and play

Everything you need to run a successful team session in  a breeze.

Highly Engaging

20% teaching and 80% highly engaging team tasks, that turn what you learn into action.

60-90 minutes

The duration depends on the size of the team and the level of engagement.

Team Session

The focus of the beam is to get the team learn and grow together.
For both teams working together physically and online

Who is "High Performance Team" journey for?

Gurubeam's team program is created for ambitious teams and leaders who want to elevate collaboration and results to new heights.
Whether you are a newly formed team in search of common ground or a well-functioning team that wants to maximize its potential, our team sessions can give you the right starting point.

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Ready-made team development program

Develop your team the easy way 

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In our research, we have discovered that 80% prefer that the leader develops the team themselves, rather than a consultant or someone from HR. With Gurubeam, you get the tools to easily facilitate effective team exercises yourself.

The exercises are based on recognized methods and actively involve all participants, so you can run the sessions smoothly without consultant costs. Instead, focus on bringing the team together, learning together, and strengthening your collaboration.
Bring out the best in your team, it's that simple

Get started with team development easily

 Choose your subscription plan

 Log in and select the team session

 Invite the team with one link

 Start the video

 Let the exercises guide you

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Everything is 100% plug and play and ready for you on the platform

What does the "High Perfomance Teams"  journey include?

The path to a high-performing team is not one-sided hard KPIs, but developing strong cohesion and relationships that bring out the best in each other. Gurubeam's "High Performance Team" journey focuses on five areas - everything you need to strengthen your team engine without expensive consultants or time-consuming processes.

We recommend holding one team session every 3-4 weeks to achieve steady progression and focused work on one development area at a time. Team development requires perseverance, and a longer program gives you time to implement and practice the new approaches in everyday life.

Note: The program is available in both Danish and English.

 5 team sessions
 60-90 minutes per team session
 Engaging reflections
Team session 1
Team Results

 60-90 minutes

A strong team is not just a group of people. It's a unit that makes each other better while achieving something powerful together. In this beam, you start by getting completely clear on what you think a good team is. Then you work on making the team's goals and purpose a shared task that you collectively uplift. You work on creating complete clarity around the meaning of your team, so you get a common language that makes each team member's place on the team more important than the individual "I" goals that often trip up strong team results.

  What is the reason for being a team?  01:43
  Exercise 1 
  What is the purpose of the team? 02:25
  Exercise 2
  Focus on results 02:57
  Exercise 3

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Team session 2
Team Trust

 60-90 minutes

 Understanding trust  04:17
 Exercise 1 
 Competence-based Trust 01:07
 Exercise 2 
 Character-based trust 01:27
 Exercise 3
 How to build trust? 01:04
 Exercise 4 

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Team session 3
Smart Conflicts

 60-90 minutes

 Introduction to smart conflicts  03:58
 Exercise 1 
 How to have smart conflicts? 02:45
 Exercise 2 
 How to become more collaborative? 02:16
 Exercise 3 

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Team session 4
Team Commitment

 60-90 minutes

 Commitment?  04:10
 Exercise 1 
 How to create team commitment? 03:44
 Exercise 2 
 A committed team 01:32
 Exercise 3 

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Team session 5
Team Accountability

 60-90 minutes

 Introduction to accountability  02:32
 Exercise 1 
 Expectations towards each other 02:21
 Exercise 2 
 What can I do better? 02:38
 Exercise 3 
 Being accountable towards each other 02:30
 Exercise 4 

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So is it just another "online thing"?

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We can really understand why you're asking. Yes, it is an online tool. But the numbers speak for themselves.
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Completion rate


Team satisfaction


3 main benefits of a Gurubeams team development sessions

1. Budget

Top-quality content comparable to expensive consulting firms, but at a tenth of the price

2. Time

Each beam lasts 60-90 minutes and requires minimal preparation

3. Skills

It's 100% plug and play, so you don't need to be an expert to use it effectively

The really interesting thing is not what you can save, but what you'll get

Our customers experience that :

  • The team works better together
  • The feeling of being a good team becomes much stronger
  • It's easier to have "difficult" conversations
  • There is a stronger sense of uplifting together
  • The team utilizes each other's strengths much better
  • They are more efficient and better at collaboration
  • The leaders feel boosted and more self-confident

And leaders also notice ...

  • Increased engagement
  • Increased psychological safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better social cohesion

So what you get will be far more valuable ...

What do top industry experts say?

"We have really good experiences with Gurubeam, both in my team and other teams. It's a really powerful way of creating development that fits in really well in our global company. The form is really precise and creates a great process in the team, and it's just easy. I definitely recommend it."

Jesper C

Team lead in People & Digital Learning

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I use the Performance Team programme in a team management training course with great success. The content is theory-based, but presented in a form that is both accessible and relevant to team leaders. The modules can be completed individually or together, which offers great flexibility. I have worked with it both as a trainer and a participant and my conclusion is that everyone loves this way of developing teams.

Eva Lundahl

Professor, Ph.D. in leadership

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Working with the Gurubeam platform is highly intuitive. And the beams are credible due to solid frameworks. It’s easy to incorporate and enables ownership in both leaders and teams. A great side effect is that it up-skills facilitation and coaching abilities.

Ellie L.

Global People Development Partner

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We want to be unlocking High Performance Potential in order to ensure development for both teams and individuals.We want to create trust and psychological safety in our teams to make the team accountable and better able to deliver good results for the success of the company. Gurubeam is a platform that enables our teams to come together and be strengthened no matter where they are and how they meet."

Rikke K.

Head of Organisational Development

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Real leaders. Real teams. Real impact.

Gurubeam users
It really boosts me as a leader. It gives me confidence. And it's just so easy for me as a leader. The team has definitely become stronger in the process and I can see that they are growing individually. I think Gurubeam is nothing short of a brilliant way to develop my team.
Lene Bach Randers
Customer Service and Project Manager, Mekoprint
The team is so engaged in the sessions. I thought we knew each other, but my team is so much closer now. And it is so easy for me as a leader. I just put it in the calendar, because it truly is plug and play.

Jim Foster
Business District Manager,
Novo Nordisk
My team is so happy with the beams. We've had such important conversations about how we want to be a team. They have become committed to being a good team... to be the best! I thrive running the beams. It's brilliant. It's just so easy.

Connie Westphalen
Support manager, Danish Business Authority
One of the best things about Gurubeam is that I can be part of the team process and get as much out of it as the rest of the team. It's great that it's so easy as a manager to create a process for the team that just works ad leaves the team uplifted.
Thomas Arvidsson
Team Lead, Sales & Service, stigefabrikken.dk
It's a great experience for my leadership team to focus on working better together and becoming even more of a team... Gurubeam easily and intuitively provides a great framework for exactly that conversation.
Denise Neumann
Director, ALK Abelló
I was really sceptic about ‘another digital product’! … But truth is, Gurubeam is a main reason why my team's engagement went up 20%. The team really enjoys the beams. The approach creates a relaxed and safe environment.
Elham Rafizadeh
PAPA director, Novo Nordisk
This approach creates a high-trust setting where the team and leader develop together. I really like that it’s so easy for me. And that I, as a leader, can be part it. And it’s just us, the team, no one else to ‘disturb’ the room.
Chris Arnrød Andersen
Head of New Products Man. Proc., Novo Nordisk
We never went off on tangents because there is no manager or consultant to derail it. After the first beam, the team really wanted to run through all the beams. They have tried all kinds of consultants, they are not easy to impress. But they think it was so good.
Anni Jensen
District Manager, Viborg Municipality
Gurubeam greatly enablers your leadership if you use it properly. From the very first session, we've been able to think much more long-term as a team. It's genius when you can take something as difficult as building a high-performance team and make it as easy as this.
Morten Kragh
FAM & HSSE Manager, Bestseller

Create your own success story!

What does it cost?

Access to one journey

High Performance Team

12-month subscription to:

 High Performance Team

€2,499 + VAT

 1 leader with 1 team
 100% plug and play
 Free access to all materials on Gurubeam
 Everything is available in English

Access to all journeys

Team Plus

12-month subscription to:

 Personalities in Teams
 High Performance Team
 Progressive Teams
 Change (August 2024)
Feedback (September 2024)

€3,349 + VAT

 1 leader with 1 team
 100% plug and play
 Free access to all materials on Gurubeam
 Everything is available in English

Access to all journeys + survey

Team Pro

12-month subscription to:

 Personalities in Teams
 High Performance Team
 Progressive Teams
 Change (August 2024)
Feedback (September 2024)

€4,699 + VAT

 1 leader with 1 team
 100% plug and play
 Free access to all materials on Gurubeam
 Everything is available in English

 Kickoff meeting with success planning
 Leadership coaching and support

  Team survey (collaboration, cohesion, efficiency, and psychological safety)

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