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The Gurubeam story

A classic: "Problem + question + solution" story

The Problem

Back in 2020, Daniel - the founder of Gurubeam, was a part of the management team in one of Denmarks' fastest-growing scale-ups, handling the responsibilities of HR.

They had great succes, hiring the great people. But great people don’t necessarily make a great team. And to enable even more successful teamwork he needed the organization to up their teamwork skills.

With great experience as a consultant, he had learned, that engaging people in creating first-class teamwork was the way to go. But he also knew that he was way too busy to do workshops, intense sparring, etc. And people leaders already had enough on their plates … and frankly, facilitating team development doesn’t come easy to all people leaders.

The Question

How could Daniel possibly make people leaders engage their teams in making the most of their teams, without relying on his own time, and over-challenge the people leaders? It had to be easy, short (1-hour-ish), and risk-free (nobody wants a team to “blow up” in a team development session).

The Solution

He often had this thought: "If you just knew this... we wouldn't have to deal with this issue". So the knowledge from all kind of "gurus" was out there. The task at hand was to turn that into something the team could learn together fast.  The solution became the first beams. - Engaging, plug-and-play, 1 hour team sessions.

And it worked! (Kinda surprisingly). Since then, people leaders and their teams from small local companies and large global companies have used Gurubeam to level up teamwork skills in their teams. 

Meet the founder

Daniel Baun is an author, speaker, teacher and has a background as an organizational consultant, people leader, HR Leader, author and speaker.
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In 2013 Daniel published the book "Heartcore Business" about purpose driven business and leadership. 
That was before the talk about purpose ad "why" became the norm.

Appeared in nationwide medias as:


Daniel has been a been on the stage with both fairly small audiences and audiences up to 3000 people.

He speaks on topics around leadership and people development related to topics covered in Gurubeam. See all themes here. 
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Consultant and teacher

Daniel does consultancy work for teams ad leadership groups and gives lectures on developmental leadership. Get in touch to about consultancy or teaching

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