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Who's behind Gurubeam?

Daniel from Gurubeam

Gurubeam is founded by Daniel. He is an acknowledged writer, award winning HR leader, teacher and consultant and most importantly team member

Gurubeam is here to make it easy for leaders develop their teams to with important ideas from acknowledged Gurus. And make a real lasting impact on the team through engaging action focussed team sessions - that's what we call beams.

Higher Engagement

Stronger Social Cohesion

Better teams in a better way

Better Collaboration

Increased Psychological Safety

Improved Team Effectiveness


"Gurubeam really boosts me as a leader. It gives me confidence. And i clearly see how people in my team is growing." 
Lene, 15 years as a leader
"We're a much closer team now! The team is so engaged in the sessions. And it is so easy for me as a leader." 
Jim, 25 years as a leader
"It's genius to make something as difficult as building a high-performance team as easy as this."
Morten Kragh, 10 years as a leader

What we do

Essential knowlege from acknowledged Gurus

distilled and turned into...

engaging, actionable plug and play team sessions

The essence of knowlege from acknowledged Gurus

distilled and turned into...

engaging, actionable plug and play team sessions

Not just another online tool

Let the numbers do the talking

Completion rate


Team satisfaction

Leader satisfaction

Read what experts say about Gurubeam

"We have really good experiences with Gurubeam, both in my team and other teams. It's a really powerful way of creating development that fits in really well in our global company. The form is really precise and creates a great process in the team, and it's just easy. I definitely recommend it."

Jesper C

Team lead - People // Digital Learning

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I use the High Performance Team programme in a team management training course with great success. The content is theory-based, but presented in a form that is both accessible and relevant to team leaders. The modules can be completed individually or together, which offers great flexibility. I have worked with it both as a trainer and a participant and my conclusion is that everyone loves this way of developing teams.

Eva Lundahl

Professor, Ph.D. in leadership

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Working with the Gurubeam platform is highly intuitive. And the beams are credible due to solid frameworks. It’s easy to incorporate and enables ownership in both leaders and teams. A great side effect is that it up-skills facilitation and coaching abilities.

Ellie L.

Global People Development Partner

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We want to be unlocking High Performance Potential in order to ensure development for both teams and individuals. We want to create trust and psychological safety in our teams to make the team accountable and better able to deliver good results for the success of the company. Gurubeam enables our teams to come together and be strengthened no matter where they are and how they meet."

Rikke K.

Head of Organisational Development

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Want to know how we can help your organization?

Most success stories start with a plan - lets make one.

The most succesful leaders we work with start out by making a plan to level up their team. 

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Frequently asked questions

Does it have to be the leader who runs the Beams (team sessions)?

No. Someone other than the manager can also take on the role of the Beammaster (the person who facilitates the process). This could be:

  • Someone from HR
  • A PA or Executive Assistant
  • A regular team member

The sessions work well as long as the manager is also involved in the process. The key is to have a designated facilitator who ensures that the methodology is followed and the team stays on track, while the manager actively participates and supports the team's development journey.

What is the optimal team size?

The beams are designed for teams of 5-10 people. However, teams with up to 50 people have run it successfully. It's all about designing the process smartly so you get the most out of it.

Often, it's about thinking about dividing the department or large team into smaller teams or groups and then creating a common wrap-up.

Do I need any special training or experience to lead a Beam session with my team?

The beams are designed so that everyone can use them. To ensure that the specific program or beams match the manager and team's needs, we offer a thorough sparring session.

For new or existing teams?

 Gurubeam's team development sessions are designed to benefit teams at any stage, whether you're building a new team from scratch, looking to enhance the performance of an existing one or onboarding new team members into existing teams.

Is Gurubeam good for onboarding?

Yes! Gurubeam's programs quickly provide new team members with a deep understanding of team dynamics, roles, and responsibilities, while also strengthening the existing team to better integrate new colleagues.

Can we run the Beams in our team meetings?

Yes, absolutely!

The more naturally you integrate the Beams into your everyday routine, the better. This ensures they fit in without creating a sense of extra busyness, and you will develop a learning culture that you can stick to once you've completed them all.

Can I use Gurubeam with my agile/scrum team?

Yes, we at Gurubeam have great experience with scrum teams running Beams as part of their retrospectives. In this way, these teams honor the nature of retrospectives and make the most of the sessions by creating a well-defined structure and proven approach to constantly optimizing the team's performance.

Can I use Gurubeam if my team is facing significant challenges?

We have successful experience running the program in really challenged teams. However, it requires an initial discussion to understand these challenges and their underlying reasons. We uncover this in the initial sparring session and decide together if Gurubeam aligns with your needs.

What is the best way to use Gurubeam?

The most important thing is to run your team development programs or individuals Beams in a way that allows your team to get the most out of them while fitting in with your team's rhythm. You can run one Beam a week or one a month. The key is to follow your path and ensure that you put what you learn into action. For optimal results, set aside time for a short check-in between the Beams to make sure you apply what you've learned and follow through on what you agreed upon.