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Let's help people leaders make changes successful.

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The cost of failed change processes are high


Employees become disengaged, emotionally detached from their work, burned out, or even cynical when.

High cost

Financial perspectives are often the reason for changes. However, the cost of changes that don't work as planned is high.

Low productivity

Change processes that crash or are less than optimal slow down everything.


Resulting in employees creating workarounds, bypassing workflows, or disregarding the change.

And we want you to help fix that

with a few valuable hours in may and june 2024

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We already have engaged great minds in this process.
Work with change, people development or lead people we'd love to have you onboard!

Want to know more?

#1 There's the billion dollar question

How do we make change better?

How do we make change successful without investing in expensive consultants, lengthy educational days, or other time or budget-consuming solutions?
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Write your awesome label here.
#2 Change happens where the rubber hits the road

It's the manager ... and the team

Change succeeds when people succeed. So the grand quest we're on is to find a way to help people-leaders facilitate and drive successful change processes. We know that a clear plan, a sharp "why," and team engagement are key components.
#3 We use our approach

What you need - when you need it

In Gurubeam, we make Beams - engaging, digitally powered, plug-and-play team sessions. Not consultancy, not education, not yet another e-learning course. But Beams. (Watch the video to find out exactly what that is if you don't know already).

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Write your awesome label here.
#4 It's a team efford

Let's team up to do the magic

We want to engage the best brains in creating a great solution that will truly help people-leaders lead change better.
So we already have a team of highly competent people. And you're invited

See how you can join in

Witch one is right for you?

As Customer

Is the company(ies) who is paying for the party up front and in this way ensure that we all get the opportunity to benefit from the Beam afterwards.

As a guru

Here we team up with acknowledged people on the theme, to make sure that we get in deep, and are able to find the most essential and impactful knowledge.

as a tester

Here you will get the chance to test and have a say in creating the product. It gives you great insights into the project and gives the opportunity to join and use early on. 

The process

Week 20-22

Workshop (2 hours)

Engaging workshops where Change-experts, Learning and development experts and practical experts (people-leaders) are involved.

Week 22

Feedback om prototype

The first prototype will be up for feedback. Either on an online workshop or by individual feedback.

Week 24-26

MVP Test

Here you'll have the chance to try and test the MVP (Minimum viable product).

Week 28: Final delivery

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